About Us


The European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) is the European organisation of companies manufacturing, selling or distributing portable batteries. The mission of the EPBA is to ensure that the ideal conditions are created for responsible development of the portable battery industry in Europe. Acting in the common interests of all of its members, the EPBA aims to sustain a competitive industry in an increasingly complex commercial climate.

The role of the EPBA is to represent the interests of portable battery manufacturers, those industries using portable batteries in their products as well as distributors of portable batteries active within the European Union. This group includes importers and assemblers of portable batteries.The Association is an influential European trade organisation with contacts at the highest levels with industry, European Union institutions and international bodies such as the OECD, as well as national battery associations and national governmental bodies.

In fulfilment of its mission, the EPBA undertakes the following tasks:

  • Representing member’s views in discussion with legislators at European and international level

  • Co-ordinating the views of national battery organisations; and

  • Establishing a consensus of the member’s views and a programme of action.

The EPBA also maintains relations and exchanges information with similar bodies in the USA, Japan and other parts of the world.


Since 1993 the association represents all primary and rechargeable battery manufacturers. Until that date the association was known as Europile, representing only primary battery manufacturers. In 2000 the possibility of affiliate membership was created for National Battery Associations (NBAs). Almost all NBAs have joined the EPBA. The EPBA moved to Brussels in 1997. Prior to this EPBA was based in Berne, Switzerland.

The Structure of the EPBA

The EPBA is structured around a Board of Directors, and a number of Working Groups supported by the permanent secretariat in Brussels.

Each Working Group is charged with monitoring developments and making recommendations in a different area directly affecting the members.

They are:

  • The Government Policy Group (GPG) which examines all issues relating to national and EU legislation affecting the environment.
  • The Technical Working Group (TechWG) which is pro-actively handling the issues related to the collection and recycling and sorting of portable batteries.
  • The Public Relations Working Group (PR WG) which handles all public relations and promotional activity.
  • The Counterfeit Working Group (Counterfeit WG) which monitors developments, primarily western European, in relation to counterfeit portable batteries.
  • The Statistical Working Group (SWG) which collects data on the industry.

The members of each Working Group are drawn from the EPBA member companies.

For more information on EPBA Structure, please read our Articles of Association